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Monday, December 10, 2007

*katie's sexy corn chowder recipe* by popular request pffft

see what happens when you go on hiatus, leighleigh???
peeps start asking *moi* ...the not-so-domestiKATEd-goddess... for RECIPES...

this one is originally clare's (she makes it vegetarian: so no bacon, hooray hay) and she got it from the playcentre cookbook. i can make it in half an hour from go to woah. so it's perfect for friday night, or sunday night, or any night lol
most importantly, it's true comfort food, cos it makes EVERYBODEE's tummies happy.

enough pre-amble, get that apron on!!!

CORN CHOWDER for seven peeps, plus a big bowl left over for hubby's lunch:
into pressure cooker fire a chopped onion and saut
é in a little olive oil/butter for a few mins, turn off the heat and add chopped celery, leeks, a couple of grated carrots, two tins (drained) plain corn kernels, half a bag of diced poh-tay-toes, some chopped bacon... and boiling water to the top of the veggies.
whang the lid on, and bring to the boil. when it squeals (let it go lol) turn down the heat and cook for ten to fifteen minutes (or if you are using a *normal* pot, cook until veggies are al dente.)

while the pressure cooker is doing its thang, make a cheese sauce from butter, flour, milk and grated cheese... you know the drill, make a roux first and whisk the heck out of it on a medium heat as you add the milk, until you get a velvety consistency.
add cheese sauce to soup, ladle into bowls and eat five bowl fulls by yourself. or if you have little voices in your head, just eat two bowl fulls, and then persuade hubby to jump in The Sardine Tin and take you and the kiddos on a Late Night Surprise Outing Through The Maccas Drive Thru where you get to scoff a caramel sundae too.
now practise spelling "wagon"
all the way home X


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YUM I dont have a pressure cooker :(

jen at http://my3boysandi.wordpress.com/

4:48 PM  
Blogger LeighLeigh said...

I know.... I know - I got into FaceBook, and I'm a Sanguine...what can I say - things can be short lived!

8:12 PM  
Blogger Hay:o) said...

??Half a bag of tatters?? - What kind of bag? 3kg? 4 kg? 10kg?
I still think I'd like it better if you made it. And since F is about to be off for six whole, entire, gigantically long weeks, I fail to see how you can't make a trip south. Te Papas gonna have a whale thing. Someone likes whales in your house surely?? xxxx

9:23 PM  
Anonymous pink chik said...

you so ARE domestiKATED! If you arent, what am I! Now when you see my commenting twice in one day, you know I'm spending far too much time on my new toy...broadband, I love it though, cause you can just whip into the cubbie hole for a few seconds and catch up on the goss! I dont watch TV, that's my excuse for a little indulgence! xx

9:31 PM  
Anonymous pink chik said...

by the way - I better introduce myself to your other girls... Ang Jackson, ALIAS *pink chik* lover of all things pink, fluffy, sparkly, girlie - you can see why Kate and I found one another! New blogger, loving it. Was completely inspired by Katekiwi's blog for years, and never thought I could do one, let alone have anything to write, but am finding the inner columnist! I dont have a profile set up so you cant find out about me, but blog addy is jacksonsdolife.blogspot, so check us out and drop us a line!

9:34 PM  
Blogger Hay:o) said...

**Waves to Ang**
I'm Kates weird, introverted, five-week friend, who fled the Sunny Bay for adventures further south. Nice to meet you, lol. Will check out your blog :o) Hay xxxx

11:23 AM  
Anonymous pink chik said...

Thanks for the warm welcome hay, nice to be in your girls loop x

6:10 PM  

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