“If you were all alone in the universe with no one to talk to, no one with which to share the beauty of the stars, to laugh with, to touch, what would be your purpose in life? It is other life, it is love, which gives your life meaning. This is harmony. We must discover the joy of each other, the joy of challenge, the joy of growth.” — Mitsugi Saotome

Thursday, April 03, 2014


right then.. she and i are doing the #100daysofhappiness thang. i'm so good at starting things like this.. have been trying to go complaint-free for a month now... hahaha... but actually... have just completed an 8-week bootcamp and am feeling pretty successful about that... fitter, stronger, still going to the gym even tho it's almost the end of term... even bought some scales *gasp!

so:  day one (yesterday)

day two (today)
i had a very gentle day working from home - a little skype how-to-make-mersli (sic) tutorial with my mum, some ironing (woah, that's blogworthy!), almost finishing my marking, and the joyous news that there is another Freddie newly-arrived in the world.

day three

day four

day five

day six
sam's inimitable stylez: twisted fat-pants tucked into socks and samoan safety boots x

day seven
he still makes me so happy x

day eight

day nine

day ten

day eleven

day twelve
watching city of bones with my mike #allyouneedislovequilt

day thirteen
five yellow sunflowers from my darling
#twentyfifthweddinganniversary x

day 14
celebrating twenty-five wedded years #missingthemullet x

day fifteen

day sixteen
joel + raych (on phone) + me
#yahooskoolholsarehere x

day seventeen
ze making of ze hot cross buns #grannyandjoel

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

in the i-love-skype files x

yep. they're all alright:

no surprises there x

Saturday, March 08, 2014

lads x

Thursday, March 06, 2014


steve wheeler 
slideshare/timbuckteeth here
digital learning futures: a speculation: trends with existing technologies
kids are not impressed by technology - they're impressed by relationship we share
mobile phones are a game-changer
Internet access is a human right?

our thinking must keep pace with technology: the future is smart mobile: why are we banning phones in the classroom?
digital native thinking is erroneous: i'm a digital resident
the future of publishing video
mooc: massive open online courses
teaching/learning is not about knowledge, it's about knowing who to connect with to access knowledge
flipped classroom
the power of twitter

we learn by teaching: students creating content eg create a new Wikipedia page + leave it there for a year
paragogy: what we teach and learn from each other
differentiation personalised learning using technology: build a powerful PLN
education 2.0 = connection, context, complexity, connotation
skills, competencies, literacies, mastery

leadership, technology + transformation: key elements for lasting change
stephen lethbridge principal taupaki skool: personal www @stephen_tpk

philosophy-driven, student-centred learning, assessment for learning: it's not about the digital tools, it's about effective use of today's technology. it's not about the technology: it's about cultivating a learning culture where we take risks.

teachers write collaborative vision, principal supports

focus on ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING processes: focus on what we want to CREATE: paper portfolios/conferences to eportfolio and collaboration throughout the year, not just twice a year... whole family involved in student's learning journey! feedback + feedforward
slow is better. take time to set up well. travel together.

infrastructure, student-driven use of byob (browser) kids can choose what to bring + can "live" (upload/connect/collaborate) anywhere in the cloud.. we don't teach kids how to connect, we teach how to learn.

future: using code etc to make digital "real"

where to from here?
twitter feed
talk to TTS - they see loads of skools, they can connect us to people + ideas

martin hughes Telco Technology Services (TTS)
making professional learning meaningful, memorable + motivating
teaching before technology
needs before devices
nudging instead of forcing
personalised instead of one size fits all
reality instead of delusion
opportunities instead of limitations: teachable moments
PL instead of PD

teachers: finding time to plan, collaborate + co-construct
teachers' ICT challenges: baffled + overwhelmed

BYOD bring your own distraction: we need to heighten our expectations
kevin honeycutt: use technology to afford accessibility for all (ipad guitar, speech-to-text)

simon sinek ted talk here
innovators, early adaptors, late adaptors
teachers also need to be confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners
tame the technology: personalised devices, maximum of 3 mouse-clicks, make accessibility easier

Saturday, February 22, 2014

they say your dreams mean something

it's been a few mins since i woke up this morn having dreamed of mama-ing my "small babies"... i was looking for a place to hang up three loads of brightly-coloured, floaty washing. . and then trying to decide whether to bf my friend's baby cos she wasn't there and i'd left my baby at my mum's. .. then drifting awake to lucy-the-outside-cat loudly demanding food... suggested to a sleepy fraser that he feed HIS cat (even tried out a lion king movie line - which went over his head) .... so have fed her myself but she's still meowing. i think she needs fleas-and-worms... i am missing my small babies x

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

charlie farley

he is schroeder: gentle, patient, thoughtful, creative,  intuitive, a talented chef, articulate francophile, lover of beautiful things. 
at the end of this week, he's on his way to The Big Smoke: he could study anything, really, but he has his heart set on following in his brother's footsteps. 
and after all these years of connectedness, it's so hard to separate. i'm stealing moments, hiding his piano melodies in my heart, lost for words: how can a brother and a sister fly the coop simultaneously? 
trusting the universe: that they will make their way in the world, and the earth shall continue to turn.

Sunday, February 09, 2014


yesterday's hot, sticky rain has miraculously turned into hot, sticky sunshine (not complaining lol). so i decided to channel ze sunshinyosity and make a yellow tutu to match my yellow fairy wings cos athletics day is coming up + we're pretty addicted to dress-ups.
yes we are. 

i followed these destructions using 2 metres of yellow ribbon + 3 metres of tulle 
and it took me a couple of hours while watching a movie with the lads.
it's a perfick match for my gokked-up hat + shoes 
and i think the whole ensemble has just the right amount of ridiculousity.. x

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

fairy godmother aka squirt flies solo

you're in your room 
packing a huge bag for the bus trip,  
observed by favourite girlfriends and brothers, 
poncying around in your sundress and heels, 
talking pig latin, singing crazy lyrics,
flicking things at each other down the hallway,
guffawing great belly laughs.

you're trying to squeeze your sewing machine
 in with your teddy bear and all the necessities
of the first few months of independence 
and i am remembering the day you were born: 
flying down the motorway at a hundred, 
a perfect birth, a rosebud girl,
lipstick still on my lips.

daddy's voice, "belle, you will marry me!" 
as you flew shrieking around the lounge
in the days of a thousand dress-ups
and now, you're flying solo.
ain't gonna lie, i'm gonna miss you every day.

your intuitiveness, your culinary rescues, your song.
outrageous fortune and sherlock marathons,
minions and facebook funnies and 
mum, read this book: i think you'll really like it.

you've taught me so much about the world:
finding strength in the hard moments,
 icing on cupcakes, long-distance love.

i snapped this photo earlier in the secret garden:
the white irises thought you look stunning
inside and out, which you do.

my fairy godmother, always remember:
there is music in you...

Monday, January 27, 2014


what a difference a (holi)day makes!
there's a reason that teachers + kids have six weeks off in the summer.. after arriving on the doorstep of Christmas completely bah humbug, we've experienced the wonderful therapy of beach days, friends + family visits, little espressos in the secret garden, a bavarian sausage fest, the arrival of my very own sewing machine (squee!) and a youth production of Alice in Wonderland, which was mike's theatre début. raych is now half way to her new life in The Windy City and joel heads to The Big Smoke in a couple of weeks!

it seems that insty has become my new photo album: the hols started with a fab week at the beach, the instant skool was over:

swimming with the fishies
at Goat Island

the gentle rhythm of swim, read, eat:
rinse + repeat

our fave little spot at matakana:
pimms for mama, fanta for Mousey

the pre-christmas shenanigans
(oh, hello snapchat!)

dress-ups for Christmas eve at work

the engineers

rapping wrapping it up

you look like Christmas morning

boyz in the surf

bears to stay

my, how you've grown..
the four biggest kids were missing!
and... i got my sewing machine out, cut a pattern off one of my fave dresses, and voilà!
but wait..there's more!!! cos you can never really get too much of a good thing..

unless it's food and riotous living.. am now booked in for bootcamp and the cycle of losing the last ten kilos again... funny how we suddenly realise that everything else has come first for far too long + we need to re-prioritise self.

which brings me to my ABCs.. cos skool starts again tomorrow..
(a) sleep, exercise, eat
(b) i can't  make everyone happy
(c) slow down, slow down, slow down

cos really, even though life continues to deliver absolute fabulousity:
in the form of Cheshire Cats

and March Hares

those ABCs are to be the priority in 2014, cos the rabbit hole is fine during the summer, but we can't be falling down it again in real life. #antijinx

because, that ^

moustachio disguiseying, though,
is to be encouraged.