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“If you were all alone in the universe with no one to talk to, no one with which to share the beauty of the stars, to laugh with, to touch, what would be your purpose in life? It is other life, it is love, which gives your life meaning. This is harmony. We must discover the joy of each other, the joy of challenge, the joy of growth.” — Mitsugi Saotome

Thursday, October 19, 2006


here's our fabulous auntie mim in her back garden:
looking quite the astronaut, er, apiarist..

she got the beehive for her sixty somethingth

and has been a busy bee ever since.
auntie mim's runny hunny is oh
so yummy


Blogger LeighLeigh said...

Now in all seriousness - I don't mill my own flour, but I would like to have my own bees - I actually really think that would be cool. Can you ask - is it difficult? Do they poo all over the washing? (I have heard that it is quite a problem) And do they get it if you move house - I mean, would they move with you, or would they get lost?

3:28 PM  
Blogger kate5kiwis said...

OMG Leighleigh
are you serious??
good questions, i have emailed my auntie.
cos all i know about bees is:
The chocolate coating makes it go down easier. But you have to wait fifteen minutes for full potency. And you shouldn't go in swimming after, for at least, what? half an hour...

couldn't think of a better quote. but i'm sure you, the original bwuttercup, can....
love love

4:52 PM  
Blogger kate5kiwis said...

HI Kate, No they don't poo on your washing, but you need a biggish section.
They do need to be in a suitable position or they poo on your nieghbours washing...........................
They are a little more technical than I had thought,but I am very lucky that Fred (HAS BEEN A BEEKEEPER FOR *YEARS*) is still overseeing me. Also he has given me all the equipment I have needed. I 'm enjoying the hobby ,I have the time, the honey
is free.
Maybee your friend should get some books from the library, and check it out........ If she has a "HANDY MAN " she would be in a distinct advantage.............. If you move house you have to move more than 3km. or the bees go back "home"

8:25 PM  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

what a cool auntie!

LOVE her flowers too!

5:14 AM  

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