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Friday, January 09, 2009

Katie's OOEY GOOEY Double Chockie Absolutely Delish Pancakes

(or, How To Make A Houseful Of Teenagers' Tummies Happy)

this is another easy peasy counting to five recipe, 'cept today i counted to six, mostly.

so ya need:
half a tin o' cocoa, two tin o' jam, oamaru, timaru, waipukurau. (childhood family joke)

ya really need:
6 c flour

6 tsp baking powder

6 happy eggies
5 c milk

1 c cocoa

big pile of dark chocolate buttons
(i found a 375g bag lurking in my cupboard)
butter for cooking the pancakes in
a happy teenager for doin' the whizzin'

now then: fling the first five ingreeeedients into a big bowl and whizz. leave for half an hour to soften the flour. stir in the chocolate buttons. melt butter on two ancient griddles and make six at a time, pausing to flip.

there is a teeny secret to great pancakes - low heat - take your time - so as not to burn the OOEY GOOEY chocolate mouthfuls. pile on plates, drizzle with yoghurt and/or maple/golden syrup.

instantly start chatting a mile a minute and generally larking about, due to huge sugar infusion.

have a little sugar crash.


OpenID justhay said...

Yum. How the hell do you stay so thin in that house?

Lol, that cushion behind BD makes him look like he has a mullet :D

(I am STILL not getting you updates in my Bloglines. Argh!!)

12:16 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Chocolate heaven... thank you!

2:45 AM  
Anonymous teeni said...

Stop tempting me! I'm trying to be good!

Um, I meant that about the pancakes and not the good looking guy at the end. But yeah, that too! LOL.

8:48 AM  
Blogger kiwimum said...

Katie, you crack me up.

10:22 PM  

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