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“If you were all alone in the universe with no one to talk to, no one with which to share the beauty of the stars, to laugh with, to touch, what would be your purpose in life? It is other life, it is love, which gives your life meaning. This is harmony. We must discover the joy of each other, the joy of challenge, the joy of growth.” — Mitsugi Saotome

Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Very Berry Christmas

Christmas is already here, according to the lovely Leighleigh's blonde logic:

For those of you who have forgotten - here are the rules:
You don’t count the sleep you are about to have: tonight – as it is almost over and before you know it you will be awake.
You don’t count the sleep prior to the event ie: Christmas Eve – because let's be honest – who really sleeps?
If the event falls on the Monday or on the weekend, (Christmas day this year is on a Monday) – you don’t count the weekend, as the weekend can be counted as celebration for the event.

Got it?? So of course we've already started the celebrations..
lunch today with our vegas buddies Rick and Mel and kiddos...
strawberries in fraise bubbles..
pavlova and strawb's, sexy coffees and food. food. food.

We went on a Christmas-lights-trail crawl last night with the kiddos, and saw some gorgeously decorated houses... went to a Christmas play by the kids' drama cronies. Very cool.
M5's current exclamation: "Mum, I love you right up to heaven."
Which I think is very cool cos Christmas is the heaven-to-earth connection, yes?

Merry Berries to you all from us all
loads of love and seven kisses


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Merry Christmas!!!

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