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“If you were all alone in the universe with no one to talk to, no one with which to share the beauty of the stars, to laugh with, to touch, what would be your purpose in life? It is other life, it is love, which gives your life meaning. This is harmony. We must discover the joy of each other, the joy of challenge, the joy of growth.” — Mitsugi Saotome

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I wanna jam it wid you

The Bears are staying with us in The Sunny Bay this weekend.
But they have brought their rainy weather from The Big Smoke... (looks like the kids'll be tenting inside tonight lol)
S9 and Mister Bear have snuck off to a remote corner of the lounge (rather hard to find!!) for a bit of a jam.

sharin' da vibes..

a bit of tuition... a couple more chord progressions...

Everyone else is playing Monopoly or Cadoo, riding bikes, having a nap, bouncing on the trampoline,
doing the cryptic crossword, drinking an early morning espresso...
oh yes, it's an amazingly harmonious atmosphere with seventeen gorgeous bods in the house...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi S
Been meaning to say something, but have been blown away with your concentration on something you so obviously enjoy.
"Play it again, Sam"

8:27 AM  

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