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“If you were all alone in the universe with no one to talk to, no one with which to share the beauty of the stars, to laugh with, to touch, what would be your purpose in life? It is other life, it is love, which gives your life meaning. This is harmony. We must discover the joy of each other, the joy of challenge, the joy of growth.” — Mitsugi Saotome

Monday, May 22, 2006

star quilt beginnings

J10 has started making his STAR QUILT !!!
It's blue, red and yellow, and will fit on his bed. He's doing all the blanket stitch around the seven stars, and I'll machine sew it together. I'm making a pillowcase to match it.
It's looking fabulous already, and will be a wonderful winter memory...


Anonymous Sheena said...

Wow, your 10 year old did that?! It looks great so far!

5:11 AM  
Anonymous Ang said...

KATE! I cannot believe how incredible you make living look! You absolutely are the Lifestyle Queen, your website is fantastic, I just jumped on, and it nearly made me cry, you've tapped onto such an awesome tool, and your kids must love having the pics etc up. You are a fantastic writer, you should put out a lifestyle mag girl... seriously... this is fabulous stuff, awesome use of your creativity babe.
Love ya heaps, when's Paris?

8:45 AM  
Blogger liz said...

Holy guacamole! That is a fabulous feat!

9:28 AM  

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