“If you were all alone in the universe with no one to talk to, no one with which to share the beauty of the stars, to laugh with, to touch, what would be your purpose in life? It is other life, it is love, which gives your life meaning. This is harmony. We must discover the joy of each other, the joy of challenge, the joy of growth.” — Mitsugi Saotome

Saturday, June 20, 2015

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Thursday, January 01, 2015


i know what i said but there is something wonderful about making a beautiful daisy chain and instacollage makes it so easy to blog.. enter the #100happydaisies series: 

day 1
it's a week and a half into the skool holidays. the other day, mum mentioned that she thinks it takes ten days to wind down after a skool term.. i think she's right. my go-to deskooling tricks seem to be a book, a beach, a wasgij, and then finally.. i make stuff.
well, TODAY I BAKED!! pretty domestiKATEd huh.. yes, i found this christmas-happiness languishing at the back of the pantry:
the lads rated it 4 1/2 stars!

day 2
raychie is freezing in freezington, so today mike + i upcycled her snuggly pj pants into heatie-wheaties to ward off the wild wet welly w*nter:

also, The Little Vintage Coat Went Out:

day 3
a couple of hours. . a little welcome, two new fishies, matariki stars on the window, our awesome authors.. #skoolstartsagainonmonday x

day 4
five hours doing my least fave jobs: fridge, pantry, plastics cupboard, ze nefarious bottom drawer..

day 5

day 6
first day of the term.. started on #100happydays with my classkids + had a fab game of longball x

day 7

day 8

day 9


day 12

day 13
this x

day 14

day 15

day 16

day 17

day 18
c'est fini.. only took three and a half weeks! #wasgij x

day 19
hazelmade's mischievous pixieness has arrived! we went straight out for a glass of cabernet and warmed olives..

day 20
sammo in our local arts paper x

day 21

day 22
day 23
chat-chat-chat-trip-faceplant #bloodymindenhills
"o captain, my captain!"
you made an extraordinary life. thank you for making ours extraordinary too.
day 25
texts with sam #firsttimeonthesnow x

day 26

day 27
ran most of the way. go me. go my fabulous personal trainer. #daisyhardwick x

day 28
spent four hours sorting half of exam week..

day 29
far out.. that's some serious air! #showbiz rehearsals x

day 30
michael #nomatterwhat #sideofstagestealthshot #showbiz x

day 31
bring back homeskooling x

day 32
the long-awaited saxomaphone #pleasecloseyourdoorhaha x

day 33
happy 25th birthday dan #rendezvousinvegas #missingone #crazycats x

day 34
meanwhile, backstage at the theatre
#rehearsalweek #showbusiness 

day 35
convo with joel:

day 36 
i got this free compliment at the theatre last night #coolerthanasecrethandshake

fraser aka super-stage-manager got "thank you for making a difference" and ze much-coveted smoke-machine-sticker-ficate x

day 37
"compression bandage" for my luge-sprained finger.. lovingly made by mike #12yearoldcraftiness x

day 38
happy father's day.. surprise visit + berry pancakes with danny! #bedtimestorieswithdad x

day 39

day 40

day 41
sam and becki - impromptu drama lesson! x

day 42 

day 43

day 44

day 45

day 46

day 47
Finn the Human..

day 48
#showbusiness after-party 
the girls: (s)ho(w) business

the boys: hello! (the book of mormon)

day 49
works in progress #squee

day 50
before-skool view from my kitchen window #nomoregetups x

day 51

day 52 
holiday vibe finally arriving // blackened fingertips stirring, stirring // lads musicking // orangey goodness appearing x

day 53

day 54

day 55

day 56

day 57
arrived at my parked KTYBUG to find a note on my windscreen from a kindred spirit, so left a note for her...

day 58
my poor darling car got a flattie half way to skool today (well, actually, mike and i were singing valerie at top volume, following merrily behind the skool bus and the wee bug accidentally nicked the curb at the stop sign) so i had to "get some bloke in" (she's pretty big job) x

day 59

day 60
dude x

day 61

day 62
sam, singing with the jazz band~ route 66:

my mike, singing with the acafellas:

black + white mashup ~ beauty sounds x

zenith ~ boy band:

day 63

floss asked for the recipe:

day 64
comment banking x

day 65
All The Things I Can Do Now That I'm A Teenager...

decided to print out my insty pics and go all old-skool on the lounge wall. also decided to use up some curtain samples that are still fire-hazarding the garage x

day 67
found the lost technology under the bed, found the monsters, found the carpet #epicmamamanoeuvres x

day 68
found this charlie-magic :: holy moly x

day 69
found outside arnie's office #prankday x

day 70

day 71

day 72
sneaked out to lunch x

day 73
jabba + the princess x

day 74

day 75
13th bday sleepover x

day 76

day 77
and so the fun begins.. somehow managed to run a tape measure around sixty kids today.. with huge thanks to my classkids for data entry + for teaching themselves/each other #epicmanoeuvres x

day 78

day 79
beach walking x

day 80

day 81

day 82
i love my mum x

day 83
at skool, on the whiteboard x

day 84
hair x

day 85

day 86
saturday lunch for eight (one's already been snarffed)

+ blackbird singing in the dead of night with dan's incredible blackberry-birthday-cheesecake x

day 87
scurvy brats x

day 88
i heard there was a secret chord..

day 89

day 90
hospital pass, the day after x

day 91
my beautiful baby has arrived!!!!! #mag2014

day 92
empty classroom :(
lost my syllables, need a cave, blackened fingertips, a wasgij x

day 93
boy band is born! x

day 94
Galaxy Defenders, guarding their mystery ingredients for "ready, steady, cook!" x

day 95

day 96
wingmen #parrotcostume x

day 97
christmas in the park x

day 98
christmas eve.. at mum + dad's making the mighty pav with this guy x

day 99
jingle bell rock x

day 100
all is (relatively) quiet on new year's day x