Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sunflowery skirtness

i think it's genetic. this huge buzz i get from making a silk purse out of a sow's ear. doing a jerry rig. making old sheets into skirts. why is resurrecting someone else's throw-outs so satisfying? and addictive?

it's like my own personal brand of heroin.
(yeah, that was a movie line. i wore the sunflower skirt to new moon tonight. which, incidentally, blew both the teens and the cougars away. those glittery sparkles. gasp. and the fight scene with the volturi!!! oh and alice and jasper!!!!! and jacob climbing up the house!!! and wasn't victoria fantastic?!!! i think i'll dye my hair... oh, i might have to get a red sheet to match.)
P.S. i'm still Team Fozzie X


  1. The best thing about all your recycling (though "upcycling" in the new buzz word) is that you are looking good and helping the planet to stay looking good too!

  2. Team Hoggie here!!
    Lovely though wasn't it - somehow we have all been hit with the bug and are giddy with it. A good old fashioed romance I say with Characters that leap out of the film!! I love it and I loved the glimpse the film gave to the reader, my heart skipped a beat when Bella stated " him --- it was always him"- *sigh* poor Jake!
    I remember this sheet and as a skirt it looks amazing xx

  3. Our house move, though wonderful, has totally thrown me out of my sewing groove. Hope to be groovin' again soon.

  4. fantastic post, i love the way you write! Team jacob all the way.. seeing new moon tomorrow and can't wait! and dont die your hair - from the above photo - it looks gorgeous :-D

  5. Hi there... found your blog from here:

    Awesome to meet some more Kiwi bloggers!!

  6. I'm sure my Mum used to have some sheets that looked like that! ;-)


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